Instant Pot Lunch Recipes

Here are Instant Pot lunch recipes that can help you make full use of your Instant Pot pressure cooker. Preparing or cooking lunch can be a taunting task especially when you run out of ideas.

Lunches to Try Out With Your Instant Pot

Mornings can be busy and can mean that breakfast becomes a quick bite on the go. Dinners can be equally as chaotic with evening schedules and to-do lists. This makes lunch one of the only meals that you can actually enjoy.
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If you are looking for a way to use your instant pot and create a lunch that is filling and will last you until dinner then here are a few options. These lunches pack a punch, but are also easy to make and easy to store if there are leftovers.

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Shredded Meat Taco

A quick and easy instant pot recipe for lunch is shredded meat taco meals. You simply place chicken, pork, or beef into your instant pot along with vegetables and seasoning.

Consider using chicken or turkey to make it a healthier taco. Cook your meat on the meat setting an then shred with a fork. Mix in any taco sauce or other sauces that you may like and warm your soft taco shells or regular taco shells.

Dish out the meat mix and enjoy. You can make these ahead of time as well, add some spanish style rice and have a quick ready-made lunch on the go. pressure cooker breakfast casserole.

Broccoli and Cheese Soup

A simple meal that can really fill you up is a soup and sandwich or salad combo. One of the base soups for this type of combo is something you can make easily in your instant pot and have leftovers for later or freeze it for another meal.

Broccoli and cheese soup can be made in less than an hour and using fresh superfood ingredients. Cut up a head of broccoli and mix with garlic, carrots, and onion. Add chicken stock, butter, cheddar, and heavy cream. Cook on the soup timer and enjoy. instant pot kohls.

French Dips

Instant pot french dips are a great way to use the meat setting on your instant pot and get used to how it handles your meat based meals. Just use a chuck roast along with beef broth and seasonings. Cook the meat until tender and carve or shred it. Place on the hoagie buns and make your dipping sauce.

It is quick, easy, and it lets you have sandwich meat for several meals. This is ideal for make ahead lunches that can pair with soups or salads. When you make your own French dip, it is a lot healthier than you might imagine, especially if you put it on a whole wheat bun. instant pot recipes chinese.

You can take these Instant Pot lunch ideas and work with them to reach the best options for you and your schedule. This will also give you an idea of how to use different settings on the instant pot to create even more meals. Read here for Easy Instant Pot Breakfast Recipes!

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