How To Care For A Slow Cooker

Do you know how to care for a slow cooker? Crock pot is a specialized small kitchen appliance that may appear like it needs to be cared for differently from other appliances. However, there is not much difference in how to clean or care for your slow cooker than any other electrical (or non) kitchen appliance.

At the same time the crock pot may present its own unique challenges like having white residue, rust or wondering if you put it in the dishwasher or not. Most slow cookers also come with liners which might need to be cleaned carefully.

Caring For Your Crock Pot

There are several simple recommendations for the care and cleaning of any crock pot you have, regardless of the size, style, or features. Here’s just a simple list of things you should, and should not do to care for your slow cooker.

Read Slow Cooker User Guide Or Manual

Always read the Owner’s Manual before you use your crock pot for the first time. There may be some specifics that you are not familiar with that relate to your crock pot model.

Can Slow Cookers Go In The Dishwasher?

Always wash your crock pot before you use it for the first time. Warm, soapy water using a dishwashing liquid and soft sponge or dishcloth is normally recommended. If you do not know how to clean a stone crock, refer to the manual first.

However, some stoneware inserts are dishwasher approved. Be sure to clean the exterior of your crock pot by wiping with a damp cloth using a gentle solution of vinegar and water, making sure not to soak any of the displays or plug connections.

Watch the following video that will show you how to clean a stone crock.

Cleaning Slow Cooker Liners Or Lids

Always let your crock pot cool down before attempting to wash it after cooking. The stoneware liner and lid are not made to tolerate extreme temperature changes and may crack or break.

Never attempt to immerse a hot stoneware liner or its lid in water, or set a hot stoneware liner on a wet surface.

Never use an abrasive cleanser or scouring pad on the stoneware liner or lid. Simple soapy dishwater will be adequate for most cleaning. Let the liner soak if necessary, just like any other fine quality baking dish.

Cleaning Slow Cooker Heating Element

Never attempt to immerse the heating unit of your crock pot in water. Use only a damp cloth to wipe down the exterior.